Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bullet Train is really required for India ?

Around 80 - 100 thousand crore rupees will be invested to make bullet train functional between Mumbai and Ahmedabad . These cities are well enough connected with eachother through road, train and by air transport then why government is insisting upon to develop bullet trains like highly expensive project ?
People are here boiling, temperature is 50+ in some cities of Rajsthan. Up , Mp and entire north India is burning, If this huge sum is invested in power production in Rajsthan, Mp or Up like states then thousands of megawatt electricity can be produced easily. In UP tier 2 and tier 3 cities are facing more trouble due to power crisis.
Even Noida like industrial hub is not able to gain uninterrupted power supply.
Electricity, which is backbone of industry but when there is no production then howcum govt can supply ? And hence industrial growth is also hampering.Coal is major resource for electricity production and some hydropower in UP. There is only one nuclear power plant in naraura in Bulandshaher , but no govt taken initiative to exceed its capability. Apart from this no one CM or PM initiated to set up another nuclear based power plant in Up.
Govt only want to take credit by setting up bullet trains like project only to attract voters. But a lot can be done by using such a huge amount of money in basic infrastructure like power supply, power productions, aid to institutions to do research and development on new resource of power like Hydrogen etc.
A lot can be done by using this money in order to enhance capabilities in renewable energy resources like solar or wind energy.
But by doing so govt will not be able to attract as much people as it can by setting bullet trains like project.
Everything is associated with politics in the county directly or indirectly.
Govt of Up has setup some solar plant but center is not taking it seriously, when center does or want to do so then state governments don't take it seriously, and the problem remains same always.
Approx 7000 crore is alloted for this financial year for Swach Bharat Mission. Huge money is being utilized to promote this mission on print, electronic and social media.What will happen by doing so? On the ground level there is minimal affect , people who like to create garbage and love To live on dirty places will never improve themselves. This amount is also totally wastage of tax money paid by taxpayers.If they had invested this 7000 crore in electricity of UP then situation of power cut would have been surely improved.
For politicians, there is no such problem. They live in air conditioned room and enjoy their entire life from the money of taxpayers. They people don't think about electricity and all but they only think about to save their seat. They will never understand the problem faced by common man in the country.
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Ignorance of Indian media on social issues

One girl brutally murdered and raped in south Indian state Kerala by many men. Did that incident get as much media coverage as Nirbhaya case in Delhi ? No..because media is focused only on few politicians of India , like modi, kejriwal and rahul gandhi etc. Majority of media channels show most of the news that is related to delhi , cm of delhi or pm of country etc. But india lies in states from kashmir to kanyakumari. We never listen what is happening in Nagaland , what is happening in arunachal pradesh , tripura , sikkim, puducheri , laksdwip or andman nikobar etc. Are these states not part of India ? Only news related to delhi or kejri , modi , rahul etc is well enough to prove media as a forth pillar of democracy ?