Sunday, May 22, 2016

Ignorance of Indian media on social issues

One girl brutally murdered and raped in south Indian state Kerala by many men. Did that incident get as much media coverage as Nirbhaya case in Delhi ? No..because media is focused only on few politicians of India , like modi, kejriwal and rahul gandhi etc. Majority of media channels show most of the news that is related to delhi , cm of delhi or pm of country etc. But india lies in states from kashmir to kanyakumari. We never listen what is happening in Nagaland , what is happening in arunachal pradesh , tripura , sikkim, puducheri , laksdwip or andman nikobar etc. Are these states not part of India ? Only news related to delhi or kejri , modi , rahul etc is well enough to prove media as a forth pillar of democracy ?

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  1. Not only India having this issue. I'm sure almost the whole country do have this media ignorance in certain area of the country.