Thursday, March 24, 2016

All The Religions Are Holy - An Overview

All the religions, which are being exercised around the globe are Holy, Pure. None of them are comparable with other and viceversa. The way of worship is different, the philosophy is different, the concept Is different but the most important thing that Is desired output of all the religion is same. They are a convenient medium to worship the almighty, simple path to get spiritual and to get Moksha or Jannat or Heaven. And all these depend on the actions of individual.

None of the religion say to destroy man kind in order to get changed their own religion and to adopt the best one. None of the religion say to assisnate innocent ppl for the sake of religion, none of them say to perform extremism for the enhancement of that particular religion. All the religion talk about peace, harmony, integrity, love, spirituality, friendship. So we all should respect all the religions of the world.
A very good morning to all of you, Have a nice day.!!!

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