Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spiritualism In Delhi Metro

One-day in the metro, While returning from the office a person with pleasant personality and professional look, met. He had Shrimadbhagvadgita in his hand.
He came and said," Excuse me, can you please give me your few minutes ? I want to discuss with you more about Lord Krishna and want to describe more about Shreemadbhagbadgita. Are you aware of this book ? "
Then I replied, "Yes sir, of course! You can discuss everything about this holy Shreemadbhagbadgita. I am keen to what you want to describe. "
He smiled and said, “well what's your name please? “
I replied, “My name is sandeep, and I live at noida but basically from faizabad “
Then I described more things about myself in short.
Then he proceeded further and told me to buy one book which was in his hand and said to share it with others. Then I told him that I have a bundle of spiritual and religious books in my native place and most of them is published by Gita press, as well as here in noida too, as I am very much fond of reading religious books. But as I said, I have already Shreemadbhagbadgita, so need to buy another one.
Then he said with humble,"the ongoing month is very special to do worship for Lord Krishna. Its name is Purushottam mas. If you buy this book and share it with your office colleague then you will gain more benefits rather than if you you do so in any other months."
I asked with curiosity to him why only this month is so holy, why not others ? As we know that smallest part of time is created by almighty so why this ongoing month is so important ?
He replied, “Why nine days of Navratri is so important to do worship of nine Devis, why rest of the days not as much important as those nine days“
I smiled to get the logical answer given by him and he too. Then I told to him, as far as purchasing and sharing is concerned, I will definitely do it as soon as I will go to my village. .that place will be more appropriate to do so as compared to office.
He was insisting again and again to purchase the book which he has. He was saying that this particular book is perfect in itself and other information related to Lord Krishna, is blended in this book. So overall it is superior than other books.
Then I asked directly to him in clear words. I said, “Sir, are you salesman of this book? If you are doing advertisement of this book for the sake of money gain, then it is not well, and no one would prefer to buy this book "
He was unable to give any satisfactory answer for what I asked to him.
Actually he was in professional dress, speaking fluent English and was more aware of spiritual and religious facts about Lord Krishna. I was surprised to meet such intellectual, highly dedicated towards spiritualism, and most importantly person who is working in an organisation.....I asked about his job and he answered that he is a corporate lawyer by profession, even Id of company, he presented. He told me that I do job as well as daily interact with people in the metro to make them understand the truth, facts and religious belief and benefits of this book.
When he came to know that I am not interested to buy his book, he just deboarded on the next stop.
But this person created many questions in my mind about spiritualism and religious facts. Was he really a true worshipper of Lord Krishna ? Was he really promoting the Shreemadbhagbadgita in order to tell its importance to larger number of people ?
He was doing all such kind of activities just to make money directly or indirectly or he was honestly promoting the book only to make aware of spiritual facts to many more people ?
Still , I am unable to find answers of all these questions.............


  1. Dubey JI,

    Nice to know your experience in a Delhi metro train about a Man selling HOLY GITA. I'm very much sure he was not selling Gita for monetary gain. You did not mention the price he was selling for but I would like to tell you that they give you the holy book for mere 100 or 120 rupees. If you see the printing and overall cost, that book would be way expensive in the market. I'm also a Krishna follower and would try and spread as much knowledge about the supreme God as possible.

    If it was possible, he would have offered it to you for free but sir, he just wanted to share the authentic knowledge about Krishna and happiness that we get when we become Krishna conscious. If we can buy materially fond so called nobels and all, why not a Holy Gita?

    Hare Krishna